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    August 20, 2014
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the railing. >> he jumped and impacted a truck. the other is that he committed suicide. >> i don't think he was depressed enough he would jump. >> the incident had traffic jumped up -- jammed up for hours. the truck driver that hit the man was shaken up but not injured. >> state health officials confirmed a patient in a hospital in sacramento is the first in the state suspected of having the deadly ebola virus. what we're learning about the patient and if there's a risk to the general public. >> ebola is is up to 90% fatal. here at the south sacramento kaiser, the patient, reportedly a woman is in quarantine. >> state health officials say the patient returned from west
africa in the last few days, showed symptoms of ebola and was hospitalized. this is the state's first patient. >> that patient has been evaluated. that patient has been teamed to be of risk. there's little risk to the public. >> the risk of transmission in california is low and steps are being taken to keep california safe. >> the state urging doctors to scrutinize anyone with a fever who's traveled to south africa. >> dr. green. >> right now the alert is on, so individuals who have risk factors are diagnosed entry acknowledged, quarantined and tested to see if they have ebola. that's the way it should be
handled. >> ebola acts fast. killing in a few days. in past outbreaks that limited the spread. but now it's in big cities and a worldwide threat. >> this outbreak emphasizes the global nature of infectious disease. doctors say an infected person cannot affect others until symptoms appear. now kaiser doctors send a blood sample to the cdc. results are expected at anytime. reporting live. the first case of ebola was reported in march in guinea, the outbreak has spread to there other west africa countries and has claimed 1200 lives. liberia has been hit the
hardest. 394 people have died from ebola in guinea, 365 people have died in sierra leone, one american in minnesota came down with the disease while visiting liberia and died. three other americans are infected including two aid workers who are being treated in atlanta. we're learning about the death of james foley who was beheaded by militants. u.s. special operations troops tried to rescue james foley and others earlier this summer but failed to find them. the president called the execution of foley an appalling murder by a group that's morally bankrupt. >> jim was taken from us in an act of violence that shocked the world. >> one day after the brutal killing of james foley,
president obama delivered a tough message for the terrorist group isis. >> isis has no ideology of value to human beings. their ideology is bankrupt. >> foley disappeared while covering the civil war. the group covered the death, he was beheaded. >> he was your agous to -- courageous to the end. he's free, he's in god's hands. we know god's work and we know he's in heaven. >> isis recovers -- refer to itself as islamic state has been thriving in a security advantage um. >> there -- advantage um. >> there has to be a rejection
of these ideologies. >> the world is shaped by people like jim foley and the overwhelming majority of humane who are appalled by those who killed him. >> another journalists appeared in the video with the warning that he would be next if president obama does not end military operations in iraq. in the wake of the video twitter is revising the policy. the ban twitter is putting in place coming up at 6:00. friends and family are expecting people to come back
to attend saturday's memorial for parker. a surfer, chef, yoga instructor and rock climber. he fell while climbing in yosemite. the 9:00 a.m. paddle out will be followed by a celebration of his life. the bay area pastor accused of molesting a girl. he pleaded not guilty the three counts of lewd acts on a child. he's a pastor at the four square church. prosecutors say he molested a 9- year-old girl. in one incident he held the girl on his lap and kissed her inappropriately. he's set to rush to cord next month. several businesses -- return to court.
several businesses were evacuated near a shopping center. residents were told to shelter in place. warm spring boulevard was briefly shut down and that caused traffic problems. we're learning about a pair of suspicious deaths in vallejo. officers were called to the marina when relatives said they had not heard from a husband and wife for several days. >> the married couple stayed here. people say she moved to the marina in the last two weeks. it was one of these boats the police found timothy and jade murray. >> the officers responded to the boat slip, boarded the boat and found her deceased inside the boat. >> investigators arrived at the municipal marina after family
members of jade asked them to stop by. people in the area who would not go on camera said the couple moved here after they were asked to leave another marina. the police found tim they's -- timothy's body with a gun nearby. >> we determined that mr. murray killed his wife and himself. >> now police have ruled the case a murder-suicide. >> after a game of aquatic cat and mouse an israeli owned cargo ship has unloaded at the port of oakland. the ship left the dock appearing to head to long beach. went out the golden gate, turned around and moored at a
different birth. the ship was uploaded the protesters calling the days of delay a victory for their cause. a fire damaged four cars and another one. crews had the fire out in 20 minutes. four of the cars were a total loss. the fire began in one car and spread to another. fire crews are looking for the cause. a milestone in the construction of the bart extension of the south bay. work on bart extension is now halfway complete, and the project has just received $39 million from the state which bart says will be used to finish the 10 miles stretch of tracks. >> it attracts businesses, it provides connection to the existing one residents. >> there will be two new
stations, one in milpitas. they hope to begin sure vis -- sure vis in 2015. people are helping an elementary school in the east bay. it has been vandalized and robbed twice in two weeks. thieves have stolen thousands of dollars worth of equipment from colonial acres elementary school. the school says since word got out people have brought in what they had. baseball gear, basketballs, footballs and jump ropes. over $6,000 has been donated to the schools go fund me site. a search for a bay area teacher who disappeared a week ago. >> we're hopeful that things will work out well. >> how the friends and coworkers are coming together to bring him home.
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but this sale ends soon. ♪ mattress discounters new developments in ferguson, missouri. a grand jury began hearing evidence if the police officer that shot michael brown should be charged. eric holder was in ferguson today. with the formal investigation just beginning the fallout from the shooting case will be felt for months to come.
>> eric holder arrived in missouri sent by president obama to visit ferguson where a federal investigation is ongoing. >> wednesday brought another day of protest in and around the st. louis suburb including the office of the st. louis prosecutor. a grand jury will hear evidence today and mccullough is targeting mid-october to present all of it. some are calling for him to step aside. >> i believe the governor should bring in a special prosecutor. >> as for the situation on the ground, it was a more peaceful night on tuesday, but not completely quiet. people again hit the streets protesting the shooting of unarmed 18-year-old michael brown. some were accused of throwing
bottles at authorities. >> they through urn inon -- you're in-- urine on officers. turning to oakland and the protests going on right now. live at police headquarters, marchers are expected to end up there soon. >> very smooth, very calm outside oakland police headquarters. they have a extra police presence on the street. you can see close to a dozen officers standing outside waiting for the protesters to make their way here. jacqueline and square, 14th and broadway, 60 people have gathered to make their way here for a community speak out. one of the speakers is wanda jackson, her son was killed. one of the reasons is because
back on friday night, here in the city of oakland, there was an antipolice march in response to the ferguson shooting. most of the people who marched were peaceful, a small group of folks were violent and pepper sprayed police. a police officer was injured, two people arrested and a number of businesses were vandalized. i spoke to a spokeswoman who said opd has increased staffing. they are directing resources into the street. they will facilitate the march, but laws will be enforced if criminal activity occurs. that's why the officers are preparing for the march. we're monitoring the situation and will bring you up to speed if anything develops in the next hour or so. police in ferguson armed
with military equipment. the city of vallejo got this in may. the vehicle could be used as a protective buffer in shooting situations. it is set to go into service in a month. firefighters are making progress in a fire in madero county, the junction fire was reported just before 2:00 on monday afternoon near the junction of highway 41 and highway 49 in oakhurst, officials established -- estimated it at 1200-acres but it's only half that size and 40% contained. a firefighter said that the fire started near a homeless encampment. eight buildings have been destroyed. another gray, school start to the -- cool start to the
day. >> some areas today were cooler than yesterday, yesterday was a cool day. santa rosa, 10 degrees cooler than yesterday, the reason the fire danger is lower, the air quality is good, the marine layer is stretched out. it's up to 2000 feet. it was deeper the other day. when it gets up to 2000 feet it's over the coastal hills. not over town, but the cool moist air pushes inland. temperature take a dip and the fire danger, humidity goes up and the fire danger goes down. that's a huge deal, this could be, when we started out with the biggest drought on california record this season, it's kind of scary for all of us. this pattern has been conducive to not producing a lot of fires. we have fog throughout the bay area, going to santa rosa.
petaluma, and over toward orinda. it's clearing now but it was slow to come. look at santa rosa, 66 degrees. it's been cloudy the entire day. plenty of fog and low clouds. low clouds back in tonight. specialtiy drizzle -- spotty drizzle. this low pressure center replaces that low pressure center. as this gets closer it sets up the same keel. the long range pat -- deal. the long range pattern is deeper marine lawyer. high -- layer. consistent onshore winds. those are the things we get from this. 6:00 a.m. on thursday. it's everywhere. burns back, look at the forecast high. 90s do pop in. this is the model.
90-degree temperature work back to the coast. lightly warmer tomorrow. i don't think we. see 80s. 85 in vacaville. warm in brentwood. cooler around the bay. this is what happened last week. a little bit the week before. that low pressure center i showed you earlier has entrenched itself. if this was winter it would be wet. that's no the the case, it's here at the wrong time. let's hope it shows up in november and december. days away from the start of school, a well-liked teacher is missing. what we're learning about his disappearance. >> an early morning fire sends a grandmother to the hospital.
coming up, a 2-year-old girl hit and killed, her aunt aus coulded of leaving her alone in the street. the girl's great grandmother talks to ktvu. >> her difficult questions about what happened and why she says she's not angry at the hit and run driver. the videotaped killing of an american journalist has twitter vowing to block things like this. ♪
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all right. >> everybody is okay. we have insurance, everything will be all right. >> the grandmother was taken to the hospital but released. the family dog had to be rescued. an arson investigator was taken to the scene. >> for the first time on the west coast at&t is expanding the broadban internet service. but there's a cost. the announcement was made at cooper tino center hall. the all fiber network will bring you'll that tra -- ultra high speed. the service is to fast people can download a high-definition movie in 30 seconds. there's no price for the service in california. but in austin texas it costs $70 a month. a bay area teacher missing after a hike. new worries something has gone
wrong and what his friends are saying about him. protecting your privacy when you travel. it's not thieves you have to worry about. as we monitor the protests in ferguson. how many people in california die while police are trying to make an arrest. why the justice department says the number is likely higher than we know about. it makes me happy to go on the computer.
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hiking in kings canyon park. >> just minutes ago we received word from the national park service. they have found a body in kings canyon national park. they have not identified it yet. but in the meantime the serve for gregory has been temporarily suspended. we're at gomes elementary school, where gregory taught second grade. those who knew him were hoping it would be okay. >> last year he would have had his desks ready for his kids to arrive. >> he was excited. the 46-year-old just began teaching a year ago. he commuted to fremont from santa cruz. >> he did things like baking bread for math. he was a nature and earth loving kind of guy.
>> he failed to return home sunday from backpacking alone in a rugged part of kings canyon. he's an experienced hiker with a wife and 5-year-old daughter. at gomes elementary he was popular. >> he was a go-getter. if there was a problem he would take care of it. >> very interested in the environment and the gardening club at school and the recycling program. involved with the second grade students and close with the second grade team of teach earps. >> he was slated to teach third grade in leach elementary school. his wife left the home headed to the national park. reporting live in fremont. a former political consultant accused of having a homemade bomb made a brief
appearance. the attorney for ryan chamberlin asked a judge to move him to a mental health unit. he doesn't belong with the general population. the judge didn't rule on that request and scheduled another hearing for monday. the highway patrol announced an officer videotaped punching a woman in the head has been relieved of cutie and could -- duty and could face serious charges. it sparked widespread out rage. she is seen wandering into traffic when andrews confronted her. prosecutors are considering whether to charge the officer with a crime. in oakland demonstrators are gathering for a march to police headquarters. this is video taken just the
past 30 minutes. among the scheduled speakers is wand papa son -- want dah jackson. oakland has seen similar protests and opd has extra officers looking for any possible trouble and facilitate the protesters. we're getting an idea of how many people in california die while police are trying to arrest them. between 2003 and 2009, 493 people were killed by homicide. nationwide 42% killed during arrest were white, 32% black, they want police to think twice before shooting especially with the latest numbers. with last week's killing of michael brown in ferguson,
missouri. >> we ask for strength in that all response by law enforcement be proportional. >> the justice department says the numbers don't show the whole picture because arrest related deaths are under reported. if you wonder if your car is recalled. a new online tool that consumer groups say could help save lives. >> you need your vehicle vin and with the click of a mouse you can find out if recalls have been fixed. >> safer let's consumer check if repairs have been completed. the transportation launched this site. government regulator call it peace of mind for drivers. 30% of all drivers on the road have an outstanding defect. >> if you have bought a used car or certified used car.
check that recall database. that single web site trip may save your life. this web page is long over do. >> why it took an act of congress to establish a way to check for outstanding recall, is a big question. >> the new search tool comes with a mobile app, rental cars can be checked. kelly hough has been pushing for regulation. her two daughters were killed in a crash in california in 2004. the rental car they were driving had a safety problem. she traveled to capitol hill to fight for the bill. >> nobody should have to worry if a car they rent is safe to drive. auto manufacturers are required to have a place to search for a recall with a vin. here on it is at the bottom of the page.
in washington, jacqueline felt. >> a new study on lyme disease shows the risk is year round in the bay area. transmitted by the black legged tick. now researchers found the ticks reactive throughout the year in northern california. people participating in outdoor activities need the take precautions year round. apple stock hit an all time hit in advance of the iphone six that has a bigger screen. apple stock closed up after briefly hitting the new all- time high. this follows the 7-1 stock split earlier this year. the cooper tino company has a market value of $600 billion. on wall street stocks ended mixed. the dow gains 59, the nasdaq down one and the s&p closed
four-points higher and within two points of a new record high. new guess after an amtrak employee is accused of selling passenger information to another agency for hundreds of thousands of dollars. the concerns your information is not being protected. a famous 49er going undercover. i'm going undercover at jamba juice. >> the reaction when he revealed who he is. a transit agency spending $2 million to improve service. hey can you fix this? you bet! that's our new interactive speaker wall. 'sup? thinks it's a speak-ing wall. this can even dim your lights. your 3-d--printed girlfriend will love that. real mature.
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. a site where dinosaur footprints were found may open in utah. they are estimated to be 125 million years old. the location was not revealed. now they have identified 200 tracks. in one case there are 15-foot prints from the same animal. they hope to open it this october. easy transit says the new schedule will improve the performance. rescheduling some of the busiest routes. schedules were improved to serve local schools and new
trips have been added to ease crowding. today was back to school day for several districts. that brings heavier traffic and new concerns about traffic. officers were looking for speeding drivers. quite a fume have been -- fume have been caught off guard. the pack streets can get continue convicted -- congested. if you go on the feeder treats it gets busy and the speeds can be high. >> that vlado -- that vlado police say you will see increased police present. i couldn't breathe or move. >> the moments after the explosion and investigators
theories on why it blew up. vernon davis poses as a worker at jamba juice. the reaction when folks found out who he is. >> back after the break. it was cooler in some places. it is going to warm up. bulldog: if you're like me,
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. new at 5:00 a popular 49er
player goes undercover as a zumba juice -- jamba juice employee. it may not have been difficult to tell it was vernon davis, people were surprised. ann reuben is live. tell us about the reaction from customers. >> davis owns this jamba juice and wanted to spend time with his customers. he put on a wig and uniform and got to work. >> it was a top secret undercover mission. >> who is that. 49ers tight end, vernon davis set out to work behind the counter. it was caught on video. >> he was a new team member. first day on the job. with no register training. >> he fumbled a little. >> first day. but employees say he caught on
quickly. >> i was impressed. first day. he did good. >> customers thought they recognized the athlete he stuck to the script. >> really, you messing with me? >> customer suspected the man helping him was more than a new employee, especially since davis has the name above the door. >> you're vernon davis. he was denying it. >> i'm vernon man. >> i got you. >> the exercise in good fun was a chance to spend quality time with his customers. if he will be back in uniform at jamba juice soon. >> i cannot tell you that. i have no idea. you have to visit often. >> employee tell us that sightings after vernon davis at the store are not uncommon. but there will be less of him now that the football season is
underway. happening now in oakland. news chopper 2 is live over the seen. a group face-to-face with police officers. they are showing solidarity with people in ferguson, missouri protesting the shooting death of michael brown. you see a group in oakland looks to be 100 or more people strong, this is on broadway in oakland east of 7th street, the area where opd headquarters are located. opd was ready for the protesters. here's the picture from news chopper 2 showing the large crowd from above. the police are adding extra officers on the streets for patrols. and officers are going to be out the facilitate the march.
the marchers are at opd headquarter, groups came from other locations. at this point things appear to be peaceful. if thing changes we'll bring you back to this live situation. can high school seniors topped the national average for act exams. 113,000 took the students. the can aaverage was 22.3 out of 36. the national average was 21. the act tests english, math, reading and science skills. many universities require it for admission. a minnesota woman is recovering after breaking her back when the jet ski she was on exploded. i remember being in the air and hitting the water. >> while she was in the air she looked down and saw the jet ski
in flames. she was close to shore and boaters helped. >> knowing i was able to move my hands and feet i didn't know how bad it would be. she is on bed rest for a month. she says she hopes to be back on the water soon. as for the explosion it is believed there was a leak in the jet ski's gas line and that ignited the fire. let's talk about the weather. another muggy one in the bay area. >> i'm telling you this. i've worked in the market a long time. it's rare in august you don't get brushfires. we're not seeing it because of the moisture. here's the outside shot, i wanted you to note here, you see mount diablo, the right of your skrine, that's not
something -- screen, that's not something you usually see. i wanted to put this in to illustrate how clean the atmosphere is. 81 in antioch, 75 in fairfield. santa rosa 67. they are down from yesterday. they should come up tomorrow. the marine layer is thick. there's a low pressure to the south. this went by and thickened the marine lawyer. as that leaves there's a low pressure to the north and re- create the same pattern. that means temperature tomorrow will be warmer. but warmer than 75, tomorrow night you come back this is the current map, 78s. low 80s. warmer tomorrow, no big heat wave. in san jose, not good, it's nice, you usually get haze and smoke, this is a beautiful afternoon, the last couple
weeks good air quality. 80 in san jose tomorrow, mostly sunny, start off with fog in san jose. forecast for back to school. hayward unified school district. look at that a-plus. you see that? i never saw those. >> the fog out there tomorrow will be like today. look at the fog, a ton of it. it backs off and temperature warm. the reds, the 90s come back into play. more warmed the last cup -- warmth. as we head into tomorrow. 87 in pittsburgh, 88 in brentwood, 85 in morgan hill, quality is good, fire danger not as high as it could be. the five-day forecast with the weekend in view. i bet you got a ton.
>> no. i never got an a-plus. a trait a for sure. a straight a. >> without the minus. it was a lightning time ago -- long time ago. >> the 49ers game on sunday, our coverage starts at 12:30 with the all access pass. levi stadium. then the 49ers take on the chargers, join us for the recap with the point after right after the game. right here on ktvu channel 2. keeping children safe as they head back to school. it's not always the drivers who are the problem. the warning for the children trying to get to class on time. back the julie in the newsroom for what we're working on at 6:00. >> a woman accused of leeing her 2-year-old -- leaving her 2- year-old niece in a busy
intersection where she was hit and killed. >> the toddler's great grandmother talks about the development that's adding to the family's grief. >> thousands of voter ballots going uncounted in california. the common mistakes that could jeopardize your vote.
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the privacy. passengers traveling by amtrak. >> just to be a travel ever doesn't mean you're the subject of a criminal investigative agencies attention. an investigation is found that a secretary working for amtrak gave passenger information to the dea apparently without a warrant. the secretary turned informant was paid $854,000 over a tech aid for that -- decade for that information. asking lawmakers to find out who authorized the information. >> who authorized this kind of extra legal information gathering. a dea spokesperson said the agency does not do daily mass collections of passenger information. back to school, today thousands of children in the bay area had their first day in
class. authorities had all eyes on the road today. >> those officers were focused on illegal trop offs. unsafe drop offs. could kids that were jaywalkings. this was the first day of school and drivers and pedestrians need to be aware. >> we have marked units here. to monitor -- hey -- don't text and drive. >> kathy has been through her fair share of first days of school -- no jaywalking, use the crosswalk. >> has a warning for students. >> they have headphones and cell phones and texting and more media so they are not paying attention to the surroundings. they don't hear a car. >> pay attention while you're crossing the street.
>> with a message that's unpopular. >> they tonight like -- don't like to be caught. it's embarrassing to get a ticket. it's embarrassing for you to tell a kid not the jaywalk. >> they are more focused on friends. >> i don't pay attention because i'm with a crowd of people crossing at the same time and i'm in the middle. >> today was the first day of school for students in novato. >> especially starting school on a wednesday, some people are not aware it's happening. >> school started monday in san francisco, the director of walk sf said the key is for the drivers to slow down, children are less likely to follow the rules of the road. now at 6:00, a family
divided after an aunt left heifer 2-year-old -- her 2-year- old niece in harm's way. >> i can't comprehend her not being more responsible. >> the message family members have for the aunt. >> taking no chances, the precautions in place as california's first patient receives treatment for possible exposure for ebola. >> twitter is making chances, what it is giving mourning families in the aftermath of robin williams death and the mourning family. we've told you about the search for the driver who hit and killed a 2-year-old girl and sped away. tonight we speak to the little girl's great grandmother.
good evening. the toddler's aunt is under arrest for child endangerment after she left the little girl standing in a crosswalk. david spoke with the girl's great grandmother about the pain that arrest is causing the family. >> the family of the toddler killed on the street is reeling from the arrest of the girl's aunt as they prepare for the girl's funeral. >> cinci papa -- cynthia johnson is preparing to bury her great granddaughter. >> dressing her for the last time. it's hard. it's not real. mayana gregory was killed friday night in south of market district. >> i'm not angry at the person, i wish he had done what the law requires him to do, to stop. >> police arrested the girl's